A research project on the virtualisation of the live performer

...and there they are Titanic: Looking back by Woody

…and there they are
9 students from different theatre-academies
9 voices
9 approaches to sink a ship
and adding two coaches
who’s voices and views
did differ as well

how to start this journey
by acknowledging the fact that form is content
visa versa
by starting to open up a mind
towards technology
(for the maastricht students nothing new)
(for the others something completly different)
theatre-makers from different personal chosen angles:

so we used the maastricht way of working:
producing performances based on “impossible assignments”
reading, discussing,
trial and error
searching for strategy’s
in which everyones field of expertise
and everyones needs
got space to breathe and expand

technology next to being present on stage

a stage
a location with great possibillities
great difficulties as well

but they managed
from a kind of babelonic english
to a shared language

and i think
learned from each other differences
the ship did not sink
no one drowned
the disaster
the iceberg
embraced the golden ship

woody richardson laurens