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A lecture by Wim Janssen - 3D scanning at last

Wim Janssen has been invited to give a lecture on his work, and on his experiences with 3D scanning.
Working part time as an assistant for David Claerbout, Wim Janssen has extensive knowledge on 3D scanning of people, the professional way. It puts our feet back on the ground: nothing is what it seems. It turns out that these 3D scanned people in the work of David Claerbout are a combination of all kinds of 3D techniques. Starting from a 3D scan (in a scanning dome of some 30 professional camera's (Ouch… that hurts :), lot's of details are added in 3D from scratch. Motorcycles are made from 3D models. All hair and furry details are created in Blender… It feels like a Hollywood movie factory.
Wim Janssen helps Hendrik with some technical problems in his BLENDER project.

After this practical work shop, Wim Janssen gives a lecture for the school on his work as an artist. It's always amazing how fascinating and inspiring these lectures are. It gives a glimpse at what an artistic career can be within a few years after graduating.

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We restart the 3D scanning proces, using Strata Foto 3D, using just one camera and a turning table with the Strata reference print on top of it.
However strange behaving and moody this software might be, it turns out to give the most fascinating results. We use it to create all the guardians within HADES. Long haired figures in black and white. We can import these 3D objects straight into Troikatronix Isadora, and manipulate them live within that software, so that's a huge plus.
The errors in scanning hair proved to be quite useful, it gives the statue like quality which blended in perfectly wth this Ancient Greek tragedy.
Turning everything into Black and White was a huge time saver as it hides all the keying artefacts. This utterly unpredictable keying within Strata Foto 3D is definitely it's weakest point.