A research project on the virtualisation of the live performer

Working crazy...

As opening night is not so far away anymore, we're moving faster. We ditch the idea of getting the array of camera's working - this remote just doesn't work reliable at all. We split tasks:
* Tim will be working on the sound design.
* Caro elaborates her amazing 'Keynote-based' installation in which a myriad of triangles is floating
* Hendrik works on a 3D version of the sea in BLENDER
* Diederik concentrates on compositing the sea of floating corpses

We move this week to Bierbeek, at the factory of Peter Missotten. We shoot the floating corpses in a inflatable swimming pool. Luckily it's indoors and heated - he had to reinforce the floor of his working space, so we wouldn't end up in the basement (with a collapsed building on top of it).
It helps concentration a lot to move to another place, away from school.